IMG_6764Hi everyone,
Happy Sunday! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and are ready for a fresh start of the week. Today I am sharing the photos I took during the last part of my trip in Italy. We left the crowded Bologna and went northwards to my family’s house on top of a mountain. From there on, we practically stayed at the mountain the whole time, relaxing and enjoying its comfort. A lot of time to photograph so here is the final selection

Okay, so I have a confession. I love to travel, I love going places and exploring new parts of the world. When I heard we were going to Italy I had big plans and excursions in mind. But, after arriving it turned out that we were actually all pretty exhausted and that we just had to spend all of our time in the relaxing chairs, the pool or eating.
After a couple of days of literally doing nothing, I picked up my camera and shot some photos with my brother.

Italy 2017 pic 1

Italy 2017 pic 2

italy 2017 pic 3

 After this, what a surprise, I did again nothing for days! It was incredibly relaxing to do nothing for so many days. ‘Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time’
A couple of days later, I went on my first hike. Obviously took my camera, and this is the result.

italy 2017 pic 4

italy 2017 pic 5

italy 2017 pic 6


Of Course, I couldn’t let an Italy trip pass by without capturing its morning glory. So I woke up the earliest I had the whole week and shot some more.


italy 2017 last pic

That was it, I loved the whole travel even though I did incredibly little (finished 3 books though 🙂 ).
I hope you liked this little reportage of the last part of my holiday. I can’t wait to go back, which is actually happening very soon! In October I’m going on a school trip to Rome. Italy can’t get rid of me.

Thank you for reading and looking at my photographs, it means a lot.