bologna in 24 hours front picHi there,
It’s been a while, I was enjoying the most relaxing non-wifi holiday ever. This is  why I’ve been so offline and unable to reply or write. Anyways, I went to Italy. The most beautiful country in the entire world. The people, the scenery, the weather and the food were overwhelmingly amazing. We started our trip in Bologna in which we spent a little more than 24 hours. The city is amazing and I took a bunch of photos while exploring it.

Bologna is a city in the mid-northern part of Italy. It is dominated by students which definitely gives the city a young spirit.
As we only spent 24 hours in Bologna, the easiest and quickest way the see the centre and learn as much as we could, was to do a bike tour! I can definitely recommend it; you learn a bunch about the city and it allows you to move through traffic easily.

bologna in 24 hours pic 1

bologna in 24 hours pic 2

The streets of bologna are dominated by old buildings and even ruins. Each building has their own story.

bologna in 24 hours pic 3bologna in 24 hours pic 4

The photo above is taken in the court of the former city hall of Bologna. Many families reigned the city from there as it used be a nation on its own. This switching of reigning families is almost like Game of Thrones and very interesting.

bologna in 24 hours pic 5

bologna in 24 hours pic 6

I loved how in every part of the city, something beautiful could be found. A little well standing in a gorgeous church complex, these hollywood-like stairs leading to the library and the overall light in which the city drowned.

bologna in 24 hours pic 7IMG_6523

Bologna can be recognized by its many towers, the left one is even more oblique than the tower of Pisa.

Bologna’s train station

Some other things you might want to know about Bologna:


  • It’s easy to reach the city with public transport. There is/are an airport, train station and buss lines. The prices of the public service weren’t very expensive.
  • Let’s talk about coffee! You can buy the best cups of coffee for the lowest prices.
  • We went to Bologna in July, the overall temperature was around 35 degrees. If you don’t like such heat, I can recommend going in the spring. Not only is it off-season, the temperature is a lot better for doing stuff in the city.
  • The city is small, and the centre is not big either. A big tour allows you to be active around the city for 2 hours without getting bored. We did the bike tour at ‘Bikeinbo’. Very reliable and very nice.

In conclusion, I love Bologna and i will definitely return. Also, stay tuned because in the coming days I have some cool posts about the rest of my Italy trip planned. Have you ever been to Italy? Let me know!