nazi real front picThis weekend, my friend and I went on a trip to the eastern part of the Netherlands where we camped in the middle of a beautiful forest. During the day we went on a trip through the woods and we learned that during WWII, there used to be a hidden nazi airport. So, I took my camera and here is the result.

The Nazi’s have been in the Netherlands from 1940 to 1945. In these times and especially the last two years, they have been at constant bombing war with America, the UK etc.  To prevent the enemy from dropping bombs at their airport and storage places they built several houses that looked like farms but were actually storage places, bunkers and hangars.

nazis pic 1

The place is open but not often visited as it is now part of a living community where people can buy, renovate and live in the houses. Many of them have not been sold yet so only people from the area come there sometimes to explore them.

nazis pic 2

Inside the bunker houses, everything is damaged and broken. Some houses allow you to go upstairs but it was no exception for the stairs to be too weak to carry human weight.

nazis pic 3

You could still find kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, sitting rooms and a lot more. It makes you wonder what could have possibly happened around there at that time? What was it like? But also, what happened to these people? Where they eventually sent away to fight or did they flee the country?  My imagination keeps on rolling with all these countless possibilities.

nazis pic 4

nazis pic 5

After a while we hiked back to our tents but not before we went to an actual hangar. Dadly it was closed but you could still see german written on the walls. it was a very peculiar but awesome experience.

I hope you liked my photographs! If so, please leave a comment on what you think. Have you ever been to an abandoned place?