front pic uk 2017Hi there,
Last weekend I was once again lucky to travel abroad, this time to be at a wedding in the beautiful Durham, England. The next day, I  went on a hike and made some pictures of the gorgeous Britain. So here they are;

Durham is a small town in the north-east of England close to the more known Newcastle. Durham is known for it’s prestigious university and cathedral. The cathedral is very ancient and special because some scenes of Harry Potter were shot there. It was like coming home to hogwarts.  Leave a comment if you know from which film!

uk 2017 pic 1

Uk 2017 pic 2


After we explored the cathedral, we walked around and followed the river for a while. It was like walking on a medieval road with the cathedral at one side and the river at the other.



We decided to follow the river for a while. We were lucky with the weather and it’s sunshine which made our hike so much more enjoyable. The weather in the northeast is usually cloudy, so if you are looking for a sunny holiday, I don’t recommend. The nature is beautiful though. Due to the rainy climate it is very green and popping. So yes, it is perfect for hiking, you just need to bring a raincoat.


uk 2017 pic 5

We crossed a medieval bridge with the most beautiful view. Durham is a medieval town full of old houses and churches. It really feels as though you make a time jump. The city is very old but the spirit is very young. The university is the reason for many students to come to Durham so the city has a thriving nightlife and excellent public transport.


We walked across the bridge and followed the river back to town. The other side of the river gave an excellent view of the cathedral from the outside.



To finalize this post I thought I could give you some useful tips on the city!

  •  Taxi’s are very affordable and with some destinations even cheaper that public transport.
  • We ate at a local lebanese restaurant! it was amazing and I totally recommend it!
  • To get in Durham, most people fly to Newcastle. From there you can buy a combination ticket with the metro and train put together. Very efficient.
  •  Durham has a ‘Pret a Manger’ #fave

I hope you liked my photos and extra little tips! Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you!