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Hi there,

It has been a long time since I posted a blogpost, I guess it was not only school but also a photography block that kept me from posting and creating.
Last March I went to France (Rouen and Paris) on an exchange. It was magnificent to learn how different this culture is from my own.  I took a lot of photos, after a while I was even called ‘the photographer of the group’ and not without reason.

France pic 1
The city of Rouen, where we went to and where our host families lived, is known for it’s wonderful cathedral. And that’s not without reason. It was so detailed and so ancient, the most beautiful cathedral I have seen so far in my life.

When we arrived, the city was surrounded by clouds, but after a while the sky cleared. The square started to fill with locals and happy children running and eating icecream.

france pic 3
We did not only see the city, but also the beach which was around two hours away from Rouen. This beach is a historically important place. In WWII the American/Canadian/English soldiers arrived here to free Europe from the Germans. Many died on the beach where I stood. Impressive.

france pic 2
And here are the brave soldiers at rest. This is a Canadian graveyard, some soldiers even unknown. The whole group fell silent as we walked past the graves of those, who gave us our freedom.


france pic 4

france pic 5

And so the day arrived we had all been waiting for! Paris! The city of love, fashion and sunshine. We walked past many highlights and I was impressed by the city’s charm and beauty.  This is the Louvre Museum.

On our way to the one and only ‘Arc de triomph’.

‘Fashionistas de Paris”

At last we arrived at the beautiful Seine. We couldn’t have picked a better day for a trip like this. We went on a boat tour on the seine but sadly my camera’s battery died. So sadly I wasn’t able to photograph the beautiful eiffel tower. But, I will be back!

france pi 7.jpg
And so the trip came to an end.

Frace, you are amazing. Thank you.

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