Afbeeldingsresultaat voor photography new year

Happy new year everyone! May 2017 be a fun, successful and loving year in which you can do what you love. We’re going to rock this year!

To set 2017 off I have listed 15 things to photograph because I think we all we have those days we just don’t have a clue what to take photos of. I hope this helps you a little and may inspire you to use that camera of yours a little more often.


  1.  Art

    Go to a museum and take photos of all the works. Search for interesting angles and cool photos will come out.

  2. Animals

    You can go to the zoo but also wildlife in your area is great for photography

  3. Fashion

  4. Shop windows

  5. Family members/ friends

  6. A forest/  parkIMG_0366

  7. Contrasts

    for example: metallic and forest, light and darknessedited-pic-5

  8. Skies

  9. Moving people/ crowds

  10. Rain

  11. Tattoos

  12. Ice

  13. Jewelry

  14. Architecture

  15. Interesting substances

    Have you ever thought of how hairmouse looks like up close. Also makeup, shampoo, food. You never know what might come out.

Thank you so much for reading. It means alot. Comment if you want to see more of this!