front-pic-winter-walks-with-famHi there,
Officially, it is not winter yet but the winter temperatures have reached my country at it’s fullest. Last week, the days have been cold yet sunny so absolutely perfect for photography. My family and I went out for a lovely morning walk and I took my camera. A big thank you to my family for making me photograph them. So, I hope you enjoy my photography serie inspired by sunny and cold winter mornings.

Bright skies and my brother thinking about whatever a 12 year old thinks about.
My father’s bright eyes. Do you see the resemblance with my brother?
I love the sun. I love how, at certain angles, sun streams turn into color flashes and give a photo the extra touch they sometimes need. 

Extra tip: When you think your photo with lighting from the front is boring. Try find the angle that creates that rainbow effect. How? Make many different photos with little difference because it only appears at specific angles and you can make the effect brighter by using photoshop. 

Winter and frozen water. I can’t wait until we can ice skate again. Looks like it’s the same for my brother.
And so our trip full of frost ended but not without taking a picture of this tree because it looked very pretty and so alive even though it was so cold outside.

Thank you very much for looking at my photographs. It means alot.

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