Hello and welcome to ‘Photography by Fanny’!

As you have probably guessed, my name is Fanny. I’m an ambitious girl whose interests go out to photography! On this blog you can expect my journey in the ‘photography world’. In our time, taking a photo is so easy and there is no day that goes by without either receiving a photo or making one. On this blog I want to share photos that tell a story and have a better quality than our day to day selfies.
I am an amatur so please share thoughts, tips and opinions in a comment! Of course I would always be open for a collaboration so if you think that our photographs would do great in a collab, please send me an email! (For detailed info, go to contact)
If you still have any questions, some basic info is given down below!

 About the cameras

Primarily I use the Canon EOS 600D.It is a very good camera, it has many tools which are very usefull like an moveble screen so you can take good photos out of the most difficult angles. I also own an extra lens for sharper photography.
I also own a polaroid camera (instax mini 8), this one is not for quality photos but you never know, maybe it will make an appearance on this blog in the future ;).

About the posts

I try to post regularly but I strongly believe that you should take the time to take good photos so, no schedules in posting.  As a guidance line you could say once a week but I am bad at being on time and very spontaneous. Posts you can expect are: photographs, tips (when I am a little more advanced ) and general articles about photography.

About my photographs

I like taking photos of things where my interests lay. I try to find new challenges in photography each time. My interests are very broad so I think there is a place for every interest on this blog. You can find landscapes, artistic photography, portraits, nature/animal photography and fashion photographs.

Other basic information

Since this is my first time making a blog I don’t know much about wordpress so any tips about improving my website are welcome (contact me personally or leave a comment).
Also every picture used on this blog is mine except  for when I clearly say it isn’t. If you want to use my pictures, contact me (for detailed info go to contact).

So, I hope I have covered most of your questions, if you still have one or more please contact me (contact). Join me on the journey of photography and lets learn from each other 🙂

Thank you for reading and have fun on my website!