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November 2016



Photography is all about capturing a moment, a feeling. With you making the photo, you capture a microsecond of the universe’s existence. In my opinion one of photography’s most challenging things is to reach for the feeling of infinity in a microsecond. As I was wandering around a rather unpopular part of my city, I realized how beautiful it was and how much I wanted to capture it’s infinity. So, enjoy a serie of photographs inspired by the infinite feeling of a city’s noon.

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phototasticcollage-2016-11-20-20-23-24Autumn days. Those days when you have an appropriate excuse to stay inside all day, watch series and drink hot chocolate. Yet they are also those days when the sun is bright, the temperature is low and the only thing you feel is the genuine love and appreciation for a day with sun. Autumn is irresistible for a camera. The lens is hungry to capture color and light. So, what else can you do than go outside and give the camera what she wants. But the moment you take the photo, you realize it wasn’t the camera that was eager for photography. It was you.

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Welcome, Here is some basic info about this blog.

Hello and welcome to ‘Photography by Fanny’!

As you have probably guessed, my name is Fanny. I’m an ambitious girl whose interests go out to photography! On this blog you can expect my journey in the ‘photography world’. In our time, taking a photo is so easy and there is no day that goes by without either receiving a photo or making one. On this blog I want to share photos that tell a story and have a better quality than our day to day selfies.
I am an amatur so please share thoughts, tips and opinions in a comment! Of course I would always be open for a collaboration so if you think that our photographs would do great in a collab, please send me an email! (For detailed info, go to contact)
If you still have any questions, some basic info is given down below!

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